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Janet Davis was first elected as City Councillor for Ward 31, Beaches-East York in 2003. Janet has provided leadership on key municipal and community issues and worked to improve parks, expand child care and recreation programs, increase community safety, protect tenants, support water infrastructure, clean up Taylor Creek and stop service cuts. At City Hall, Janet has led efforts to preserve children’s services, save swimming pools, protect our libraries, expand public health programs, support Toronto’s immigrant communities and improve the diversity on City’s boards. Janet is a long-time advocate for child care, education and municipal issues. This term, Janet is the Vice Chair of the Government Management Committee, a member of Tenant Issues Committee, the City – School Boards Advisory Committee, the Employee Labour Relations Committee, and the Toronto East York Community Council. Janet is a strong voice and leading advocate for the protection of City Services. 

Janet Davis

Janet has many roles and responsibilities as Councillor for Ward 31, Beaches-East York including: