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Important Community Programs Saved in 2012 City Budget

Councillors from every area of the City and across the political spectrum came together to support a “package” motion that saved pools, priority recreation centres, child care centres and rent subsidies, shelters, TTC service and community organizations. Other motions re-instated funds for libraries, environmental outreach and other important programs. Recommendations to fund student nutrition programs, school-based community centres and grants to the arts were also approved. Here I am at one of the many protests to save city facilities, at the pool-less “Swim-in” for GA Brown pool, with Jonathan and Martin Schmidt.


Secord Programs On the Chopping Block

Councillor Davis is working with the Community to save the nutrition programs at Secord Elementary and other schools in Toronto. Progressive programs at Secord and other schools and community centres to “level the playing field” for all Toronto’s youth are at risk in Mayor Ford’s budget.


2012 Toronto Budget Deliberations Continue

The 2012 Toronto City Budget has been published, and includes cuts to services Ward 31 residents value. You can see the the budget and related documents at 2012. The $ 9.4 billion operating budget reduces many department budgets by 10%, raises property taxes by 2.5% and increases TTC fares by 10 cents. User fees are increased by $12 million. The special City Council meeting to pass the budget is January 17 to 19, 2012.


Have Your Say on Library Cuts

Ward 31 residents are invited to give their feedback on the impact of proposed library cuts at a meeting Sunday, November 13 at 1:30 pm at the S. Walter Stewart Branch Library, 170 Memorial Park Avenue. Budget proposals that may go to City Council include cutting almost 20,000 service hours and thousands of new items for the library collection to meet Mayor Ford’s demand for a 10% budget reduction.


Library Cuts May Affect Every Part of Toronto

Services at the Toronto Public Library are in jeopardy under Mayor Ford’s dictate to cut 10% of the funding from every department. Councillor Davis opposes the proposed cuts, saying they amount to an unacceptable reduction in service. The Councillor is right, opined the Toronto Star: “If passed, the library cuts are going to hurt. Sunday service would no longer be available in eight neighbourhood branches. Hours of service would face extensive cuts elsewhere. More than 160 jobs would be eliminated. And 100,000 books and other items would go unpurchased.”


Mandatory Downspout Disconnect Takes Effect in November

If your downspouts have not been disconnected, rainwater runs off your roof and flows through your eavestroughs into a downspout that carries it directly into the sewer system. During heavy rainfall, the sewers become overloaded, increasing the risk of basement flooding and releasing polluted rainwater into our local waterways.