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Earl Beatty Needs-Assessment Survey

Dear Neighbours, For over 30 years, the Earl Beatty Community Centre has provided excellent recreational services to our neighbourhood. It is a place of learning and fun that has helped us build an active, healthy community. However, as our neighbourhood has grown and changed over the years, Earl Beatty’s programming has not grown with it. […]


Toronto Police Service Roundtables

The Toronto Police Service (TPS) is modernizing its policing model, as described in The Way Forward Action Plan. Part of that effort includes assessing the Service’s organizational culture – the values, beliefs and behaviours that shape how the Toronto Police Service members do their work and interact with the community.


East York Historical Society Presents: Celebration of Black History

As Black History Month approaches, East York Historical Society is hosting a general meeting beginning the celebration of Black History! This meeting will be on Tuesday, January 30th, 2018 at 7:30pm at S. Walter Stewart Library (John S. Ridout Auditorium) located at 170 Memorial Park & Durant Avenues, East York, Ontario. Amazing guest speakers will be attending, […]


April 20th-22nd: Clean Up Toronto’s Annual Spring Clean-Up Weekend!

Save the Date! Friday, April 20th-22nd, Clean Toronto Together returns this year with their Annual Spring Clean-up! The City brings together thousands of Toronto residents, students, businesses, organizations and community groups to remove litter and keep our city clean and green. Led by Environment & Energy, Clean Toronto Together is a collaborative effort involving multiple […]


The 2018 Fake Child Care Budget

  The proposed 2018 child care net operating budget is $1 million less than it was in 2017. The budget reduction goes even further than the flat-line target given to all City departments. The budget “achieves” a net decrease of .1% by using new revenues from the other levels of government and parents to fund […]


54/55 Division Community Consultation

Based on a recommendation in the Toronto Police Service’s Transformational Task Force report Action Plan, 54 Division and 55 Division are being consolidated. The City of Toronto’s Real Estate Services division, in partnership with the Toronto Police Service and City Planning, has conducted a search for suitable properties within the service areas of 54 Division and 55 Division. After evaluating properties through a set of criteria, three potential properties were chosen and Staff are holding a community consultation to hear from residents.

Community feedback is an important part of the site selection process. Staff are looking forward to working together to ensure that the new site is selected based on the vision and the needs of the Toronto Police Service and the communities they serve.


90 Eastdale Development Application Update

You can find my latest update on the proposed development at 90 Eastdale at the link below, including information about the OMB Prehearing on August 1st:–OMB-Prehearing-Information.html?soid=1108948661327&aid=2KXCyxdcHSc