Earl Beatty Needs-Assessment Survey

Dear Neighbours,

For over 30 years, the Earl Beatty Community Centre has provided excellent recreational services to our neighbourhood. It is a place of learning and fun that has helped us build an active, healthy community. However, as our neighbourhood has grown and changed over the years, Earl Beatty’s programming has not grown with it. Programs are full, and waiting lists are long.

I have asked Recreation staff to conduct a community survey to get a better understanding of community interest for different types of programs. This information will help staff respond to our growing community and changing demographics. In addition to new programming options, I believe the City should be looking at extending hours, including the possibility of restoring Sunday programming.

This survey is very timely. In December of 2017, the City passed the Community Recreation 2018-2020 Growth Plan and Waitlist Management which called for the creation of 60,000 new recreation spaces over three years. We fought hard in the budget to increase the amount of new recreation spaces funded for 2018 to 20,000. I want to make sure that our Earl Beatty Community Centre receives some of those new benefits. This survey is a chance for you to make your voice heard, and ensure that your needs are being met.

Please, take the time to fill out the survey online here: s.cotsurvey.chkmkt.com/Programs-EarlBeattyCC

I look forward to hearing your comments, and keep an eye out for me around the neighbourhood to talk to you more about recreation in our community.


Councillor Janet Davis

Ward 31 | Beaches-East York