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How can I help rid our community of graffiti?

To have graffiti removed contact Municipal Licensing and Standards (MLS) at 416.338.0711.

You will need to provide the address for the property where the graffiti is located.

MLS will send an officer to inspect and will issue a notice to the property owner to remove the graffiti.

My street is a mess! How can I get it cleaned?

I’m working hard to make our streets clean again, and you can help!

The next time you see a “litter hot spot,” such as an overflowing bin or an unusually dirty street call 416.39CLEAN (2.5326) to alert City of Toronto staff to send a clean-up crew to address the problem.

You can also participate in my annual spring clean ups, or organize a clean up in your neighbourhood. Call my office to learn more about community clean ups.

Where can I find information about Toronto community services?

Dial 211, a directory of over 20,000 community, social, health and government services. The 211 service, partially funded by the City of Toronto, is just like 411 information but focused on services such as child and family agencies, abuse, health, housing, seniors, financial assistance, and more.

Can Councillor Davis help me find child care?

The City of Toronto operates 58 child care centres. These city operated spaces and other child care spaces are listed at Search for the centres closest to your neighbourhood or workplace using the ward maps. For more assistance in your search call Children’s Services at 416.392.3317.

Child care subsidies are available for those who qualify. Call 416.392.KIDS (5437) to have an application mailed to you. For more information on child care subsidies visit, or contact the Toronto field office at 55 John St., 10th floor, 416.397.1445.

What is the Toxics Taxi?

The Toxics Taxi provides free pick-up of household hazardous waste (HHW) from Toronto residents (minimum 10 litres to maximum 50 litres). You must be home for the pick-up. Call 416.392.4330 to book. HHW includes aerosol cans, bleach, fluorescent light bulbs, mercury thermometers, pesticides, propane tanks & cylinders, solvents, anti-freeze, gasoline, oil, batteries, fertilizers, medications, paint, pool chemicals and syringes. Visit for more information.

I want to make my home more water efficient. Can the City help me?

Indoor water efficiency retrofit kits are available from the City for just $10 a piece. Each retrofit kit contains 1 spray/massage showerhead, 1 kitchen swivel aerator, 2 bathroom aerators, 2 toilet tank bags, 1 package of leak detection tablets, 1 roll of teflon tape, and installation instructions.

Homes with electric water heaters save approximately $30 per person per year on combined water and energy bills with a water efficient showerhead. Using the entire kit will save approximately $45 per person. Homes with gas water heaters save $16 and $30 respectively.

Kits are available at the City’s 44 Environment Days and at Toronto City Hall’s Access Toronto desk Monday to Friday, 9 AM – 4 PM. Call 416.338.0338 to confirm availability.

For more information visit

I'd like a tree for my front yard. Can the City give me one?

Urban Forestry plants trees on City-owned street allowances fronting residential properties for free! To order your free tree, call 416.338.TREE (8733) or visit

If you would like a tree planted in your backyard contact LEAF (Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests) at 416.413.9244 or LEAF offers Toronto residents subsidized backyard tree planting. Shrubs are also available.

I live alone and am not able to carry my recycling, green bin and garbage to the curb for collection. Can the City help?

People with physical disabilities that preclude their ability to carry the garbage, recycling and green bins to the curb (including seniors) can apply for front or side door pick up.
Call 416.338.2010 for an application and to learn about the program.

Why wasn’t my garbage/recycling/green bin picked up?

While missed collections are frustrating, there is often an explanation for why they happen. Check out the sorting guide and other information about green bin, recycling, garbage and yard waste collection in your collection calendar.

Common reasons for missed collections include:

  • Items not set out on time (must be at the curb by 7 AM on collection day);
  • Green bin exceeds the 20 kg/44 lbs weight limit;
  • Tie-downs not removed (e.g. bungee cords);
  • presence of prohibited waste (hazardous waste, grass clippings, construction waste)
  • Items not scheduled for pick up that week
  • Waste not set out in proper container.

For more information about waste removal in the City of Toronto call 416-338-2010, or visit

I have so much yard waste! How can I dispose of it?

Bi-weekly yard waste collection typically begins mid-March and runs until mid-December (weather permitting).

Place leaves and plant material in kraft paper yard waste bags or a yard waste bin (your old blue and grey recycling bins make perfect yard waste bins).

The City will not collect grass clippings and sod nor yard waste in plastic bags or cardboard boxes. Twigs must be tied in bundles no bigger than 3 feet tall, 4 feet wide and a maximum 20 kgs/44 lbs.

Residents may also take large amounts of yard waste to a Drop-off Depot. Call 416.338.2010 or log on to for the depot nearest you. Fees may apply.

My neighbours do not maintain their property, what can be done?

The City Property Standards By-laws set minimum standards for property safety and tidiness. If property owners do not maintain their property, the City will send a Property Standards Investigator to the home to document any infractions. The property owners will be sent a notice requiring them to make the necessary repairs by a set date. If the homeowner fails to comply, the City may initiate legal action through Provincial Offences Court.Common by-law infractions include: garbage and debris scattered around the property, missing or broken windows and doors, and dilapidated cars stored on property. Call Municipal Licensing and Standards at 416.338.0711 to report the address of a property of concern.

How can I resolve a conflict with my neighbour without calling the City?

St. Stephen’s Community House provides a free, confidential, multilingual mediation program for disputes over noise, parking, animals, property, fences and other issues. This program is partially funded by the City of Toronto and is a positive way to resolve conflicts. Call 416.925.2103 ext. 229 or visit for more information.

My landlord won’t make necessary repairs to my apartment. What can I do?

Make your request for repairs in writing and keep a copy for your records. If your landlord does not respond to your request within a reasonable amount of time (24 hours for emergency repairs, 2 weeks for less urgent issues) contact my office and request a Municipal Licensing and Standards officer inspect your apartment. The officer will need to see your written maintenance request.

To learn more about your rights as a tenant contact the Federation of Metro Tenants Associations tenant hotline at 416.921.9494, Monday to Friday, 10 AM – 6 PM or log on to

I'm having trouble paying my rent, and I might get evicted. Where can I get help?

The Toronto Rent Bank can help tenants avoid eviction with an interest free loan for up to two months, landlord and tenant mediation, money management advice, and other services.In order to be eligible, you must have a regular source of income and be paying market rent.For more information or to access this service, contact East York Housing Help Centre at 416.698.9306.

I want to organize a tenants' association in my building. Where do I start?

To learn more about tenant rights contact the Federation of Metro Tenants’ Associations tenant hotline at 416.921.9494, Monday to Friday, 10 AM – 6 PM or visit The Federation can send you a free tenant organizing manual, give you advice on how to start an association, and may be able to send an organizer out to your first meeting.

How can I get on the list for subsidized housing?

To get on the list for subsidized housing, call Toronto Housing Connections at 416-981-6111. They process all requests for the City’s largest subsidized housing provider, the Toronto Community Housing Company. For more information, visit the Housing Connections web site.

City Councillors are not able to move people up on the waiting list. The waiting list for subsidized housing is very long. If you are flexible about which building you want to live in, you will move up the list faster, so try to add as many buildings as possible to your application (but only those buildings that you are willing to move to). It is also important that you confirm that your application has been received and that it is still on file.

Remember, it is your responsibility to inform TCHC of any changes of address. Call 416-981-6111 to update your file.

The East York Housing Help Centre can help you complete your Housing Connections application. Call 416.698.9306 for their hours of operation.

How can I find out if a rental building has property standards violations?

The City of Toronto has developed a website to share information about rental apartment building standards. The site lists orders to landlords from Municipal Licensing and Standards, the department that enforces the property standards bylaw.

The site provides a two year history of multi-residential buildings’ violations of City property standards bylaws. Visit

If you need to report a property standards violation in your building or in your unit that your landlord has not addressed, call 416.338.0711.

What is permit parking?

Permit parking usually operates between 11 PM and 5 AM, 7 days a week. Only valid permit holders can park on permit parking streets during these hours. Though subject to other existing traffic regulations, permit holders can park their vehicles overnight and are exempt from the 1, 2, and 3-hour parking restrictions. Vehicles without parking permits may be tagged if parked in permit parking spaces. The permit parking by-law is enforced by Toronto Police Services, Parking Enforcement Unit (416.808.2222).

Streets are grouped into permit areas to maximize the available parking. Permit holders may park on any licensed street within the permit area, but are not guaranteed a parking space on their street of residence.

Six and 12-month resident-only permits and temporary (up to 8 weeks) resident or visitor permits are available.

Parking permits can be obtained at the East York Civic Centre, 850 Coxwell Avenue and can be renewed at

For more information contact East York Permit Parking in the East York Civic Centre at 416.397.4480, Monday – Friday from 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM or visit

What is the Watch Your Speed program?

The City’s “Watch Your Speed” program is designed to increase public awareness of the posted speed limit. A sign board equipped with radar is deployed to a problem street. The radar assesses vehicle speeds and the sign board gives the approaching motorist an immediate read-out of their speed relative to the posted speed limit.

Call my office to request a “Watch Your Speed” sign board for your street.

The street I live on has permit parking that alternates. I don’t think it’s reasonable for Parking Enforcement to expect me to move my car at exactly 12 midnight. Is there a grace period?

Yes, Parking Enforcement allows for a 12 hour grace period from 9 PM the night before to 9 AM the next day for alternate side parking change over from one side of the street to the other. Visit for more information on parking.

How can I help rid our community of graffiti?

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