Winter Storm Update

Dear neighbours,

As we are all well aware, the winter storm that hit our City this weekend has caused dangerous road conditions, and several pockets of East York to be without power for some time now.

I have received an update from the Manager of Road Operations in our area who has informed me that the salting of local roads began at noon today and will continue until every street has been attended to. You can use the City’s interactive PlowTO map to find out when roads have been salted and plowed in your area here.

With regards to power outages, Toronto Hydro is aware of the existing outages, and is working on removing fallen trees and fixing Hydro lines before moving quickly onto restoring power in individual locations. If you have not reported your power outage yet, please do so at Toronto Hydro’s website here.

The City’s Transportation Department would like to pass along some recommendations for actions you can take to deal with the build-up of snow and ice around your home:

To help protect you and your home today:

  • Ensure there is a channel for the melting snow and rain to make its way to the catch basin.
  • Ensure downspouts are not blocked with snow or ice and are draining properly.
  • Shovel melting snow away from your foundation and onto a lawn, not the road please.
  • Clear catch basins, if it safe to do so.
  • Prepare your basement by moving valuables to shelves or upper floors. Cleaners, paint or chemicals should also be taken off the floor so that they do not contaminate any floodwater that may get into your home.

If your basement has flooded:

  • Call 311 immediately to report basement flooding. During extreme weather conditions residents should expect high call volumes and some delays. Calls will be answered by the first available agent.
  • Call Toronto Hydro to disconnect power if there is flood water in your basement and your power is on.
  • Call your insurance company as soon as possible to report property damage caused by flooding.
  • Be mindful of your health and safety when cleaning up a flooded basement – do not stand in flood water, call a professional for assistance.

Start planning now:

  • Take this opportunity now to plan for future rainstorms that tend to be more prevalent in the spring and summer. More information about basement flooding prevention is available on the City of Toronto’s website at



City Councillor Janet Davis

Ward 31