Danforth East Community Association Leads Partnership to Beautify Our Community

This summer the Danforth East Community Association (DECA) partnered with 6 St. Joseph House, Bell Canada and the City of Toronto to commission eight artists to paint Bell equipment boxes in the neighbourhood. The murals provide an injection of diverse art into our public space, and also effectively deters vandalism and graffiti.

artist with Bell box painted with horse and carriage on road

Artist Emilia Jajus at 2119 Danforth

Check out the murals and newly beautified boxes located at:

  • Greenwood Subway Station, Artist: Charles Weiss
  • 217 Parkmount, Artist: Shayona Panth
  • 1675 Danforth, Artist: Greg Marshall
  • 126 Roseheath, Artist: Jungle Ling
  • 331 Wolverleigh Blvd, Artist: Monica Wickeler
  • East Lynn Park: Jennifer Rogers
  • 2119 Danforth, Artist: Emilia Jajus
  • 7 Barrington, Artist: Tak Bui