Updates: New Development at 90 Eastdale / 2 Secord

MORE DOCUMENTS have been added to this post (Mar.4/13)

In 2008, Preston Group, the owner of 90 Eastdale and 2 Secord properties, applied to the City of Toronto for permission to build two condominium towers and 60 stacked townhouses on its site. This application was rejected by City Planning staff.

Two subsequent versions were submitted but not approved by the City.  In July 2011, Preston Group appealed its development application to the OMB (Ontario Municipal Board,) taking away the City’s decision-making authority. This meant the OMB would determine whether to grant permission for the proposed development.

The application submitted to the OMB was for a 22 storey condo building located behind the apartment building at 90 Eastdale. In an effort to find a more acceptable development for the site, City staff and Preston group proposed another alternative at a public meeting on June 27, 2012.  This option included a 24 storey condominium tower and 24 replacement townhouses.

Throughout the summer, I met with a Working Group composed of tenants from 90 Eastdale/2 Secord, residents from the local neighbourhood and representatives of the City and Preston Group to review and give feedback on what became known as Option 2.  Through these discussions, a consensus emerged in support of Option 2 over Option 1.  Many additional community improvements were also negotiated as part of the settlement that was reached between the City and Preston Group.

The OMB proceeded with hearings on the application in December 2012 in order to hear from residents and other parties.  The Board released its decision approving this development proposal on January 2nd.
The Board has withheld its final order until all agreements and detailed plans have been approved by the City.

Here are the key elements of the Option 2 proposal that was achieved through the Working Group:

  • New 24 storey condo tower at corner of Lumsden and Eastdale, current site of city parkette and some townhouses
  • New larger city park at corner of Secord and Eastdale, current site of townhouses
  • New park includes larger and better site, play structure and splash pad, fencing and trees
  • Twenty four, three-bedroom replacement townhouse for 90 Eastdale
  • New through-road around 90 Eastdale with new lighting, widened to allow street parking, better access to underground parking, and re-graded ramp at the street entrance
  • Improved pedestrian entrances to underground parking
  • New underground swimming pool with access through a central hub mail room and underground parking for all tenants at 2 Secord and 90 Eastdale
  • Improvements to existing above ground swimming pool at 2 Secord
  • New through lobby and multipurpose room on main floor of 90 Eastdale
  • New public art and/or landscaping in public spaces
  • New landscaping throughout site including raising the ground level in depressed areas, repairing fences, improving garbage/recycling areas, better access to underground parking, improved lighting and walkways, small outdoor seating area behind 2 Secord, and community garden plots
  • New accessible ramp entrance into Taylor Creek Park at Lumsden and Barrington
  • Tenants of demolished townhouses get first choice of a new townhouse or any vacant remaining townhouse.
  • Rent for all tenants is secured to not increase beyond cost of living

I want to thank all the members of Working Group for giving so much time and energy to this process, and for recommending many important improvements. I also want to acknowledge that some residents have been opposed to any new development on this site.  However, I strongly believe that we achieved a much better development and secured many community benefits which would have been lost if the original proposal had been approved by the OMB.

During this process, several traffic and parking issues were identified by residents and traffic studies submitted to the City.  I have requested City Transportation staff to report to Toronto and East York Community Council early in the new year with recommendations to address these traffic concerns.

Over the coming months, I will continue to work with tenants and residents to ensure that the public art and site plans, tenant protection, construction mitigation and phasing agreements are in place.

For more information, please download the attached documents:

page 1: View of condo building from Lumsden/Eastdale street corner looking south west
page 2: View of condo and townhouses looking north east
page 3: View of ground level entrance to condo building
page 4: View of new street showing central hub mail room/access to underground pool, and new townhouses